Brooms, and ideas that are not necessarily true

So, why are brooms associated with witches?
Witches: people, particularly women, thought by somebody to have some power that might scare somebody…
Suppose you are a woman—many generations ago—alone or in the company of children. Some man comes to your door. You attend the door; you are holding a broom. Not an unfriendly gesture, because brooms are for sweeping the floor. So what if he intends to rape you, or kill you, or your daughter, or your granddaughter…
Suppose that defense were necessary. Say, he goes heh heh heh and walks across the room and grabs the little girl. Possibly, if it were to come to that, you hit the bad guy upside the head with the stout handle of your broom.
Speculation, of course, is not necessarily fact.

From Molten Wood and Feral Ideas

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