If human experience were dense enough, if enough were going on in our process of living, and in our notice, and our dreams, I would expect that there would, by chance, be striking coincidences.
(This because there would be so damn much stuff to coincide.) Our experience is dense. Does that explain those particularly striking coincidences that look to us so much like paranormal and transcendent experiences? This is a question. This is not a statement intended to settle things, masquerading as a question.
The coincidences.. some of these are how‐the‐hell‐could‐this‐have‐happened‐by‐damn‐chance events. I am speculating that even though the probability of any one of them happening without some cause other than random chance may be closeto nil, the chance of SOMETHING damn strange arising by random coincidence may be, perhaps, moderate. This does not. of course, rule out the speculation that some instances of—for instance, precognitive dreams—may turn out to indeed have a cause that would surprise a lot of people.

From Molten Wood and Feral Ideas  chasens.ca/book

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