Freedom II, To, Too, Also

I want to hear the word “freedom” used in honest discussion.
I do not want to hear the word being used as a rallying-cry by people who may not be talking about freedom.
I want freedom to be an important consideration in discussions that take in to account the need to deal with with, for instance, the damn pandemic and human-caused climate change. “Freedom” is, by me, a primally important human value, and I am seriously creeped out to see it being used as a catch-phrase1.
The mixture from some sources worries me: anti-vax propaganda and cries of “freedom”, together with climate-change denial, anti-social-justice crap. (Also, recently as I write this, the Russia-are-the-good-guys-in-the-Ukraine-invasion thing.2) Some of this stuff looks to me like bait, intended to draw in our anti-vax friends, some of whom have already become accustomed to the idea that almost all scientists will uphold a lie3.
Yes, conspiracy theories, the metric-arseload-of-people-are-in-on-it sort, have an obvious flaw4. That does not mean that, here and there, investment and intent are not being applied. Human reality is divisive and complex. So – I speculate about the investment and intent that are pushing these cries of “freedom.” I suspect strongly that some climate-change-denial interests (among others) may have their hands and feet in it.
I am reluctant to write about this because I don’t know what I am talking about. So, it is the not-knowing that I AM talking about. I wonder and do not know who is doing this stuff, but I am assuming that the origins and spreaders of viral bullshit – and their intents and purposes – are complex and legion. And, I suppose that “freedom” is just one tool. However, freedom is very important to many of us, even if we may not support freedom to shit in the well.

  1. I wrote this in 2019…
  2. I have wondered whether Russian influence is showing in the Russia thing.. but/and/or is it the pressure of maybe-American interests who do not want to see the world responding to a military power with non-military pressure. Or what?
  3. From 2018..
  4. The size and scale some people believe in, that would not be a conspiracy, that would be the custom of a society if it were real, and it would be no secret even if it were not talked about enough. The shit that everyone is in on is not a fucking secret.

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