Digital Shadows



Digital collage: it is not just combining images. A phrase recurs to me: painting with world. The work of digital collage is, for me, a process of painting with impressions, reflections, textures, and digital memories of the world.
Photographs of wood sculpture, such as Horsey Face, carved from a pine burl, are frustrating. The thingness of the sculpture—the changing experience with light and angle, the tactile quality, the realness—are no part of the picture. The photograph is not the carving, it is a picture.
Sometimes I very much like the picture, but also, sometimes I want to escape with it into a wider medium. Sometimes, digital collage.
Carving wood — the process is tactile and real. (The word “real” is fish-slippery.) Wood as a medium is uniquely expressive of complex and living stuff, but the concept always extends way the hell beyond the wood.

Molten Wood and Feral Ideas

Sculpture in Wood, Caril Chasens