We, evolved on earth, are at least distant kin with other earth‐evolved creatures… say, the octopus. I would expect that aliens, evolved elsewhere, maybe or maybe not DNA based, would be alien. Since the universe is not small, they might well not be here, as there are plenty of other places for them to go.
There is a lot of interest in beings from elsewhere.. not surprising at this particular time in history.
On the one hand, the ultimate other… dislike, fear.
On the other hand, I know that some people want to believe in aliens, often picturing them as a lot like us but better, and hoping that they are here to help us, at this desperate time.
A primal mammalian response, perhaps, to reach for succor. The wisdom of reaching our trembling arms to the universe, crying, “Will you be my mommy?” —that I can’t guess.
On the third hand, there is that good old joy in playing with bad companions…
And, fascination with the damn strange…
Gee what if—could it be possible—what if this interest is part of a process that also involves learning to include the human other…

From Molten Wood and Feral Ideas

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