This stuff is written in colloquial/idiosyncratic English.
I use standard (the English you would probably use for most business or academic purposes (often presumptuously called “correct”) where it suits me. I sometimes deliberately choose to use evolving forms; for
instance I like the singular generic “they”, and if some person
does not like it they can sit and stew.
Idiosyncratic: this means I am messing around as I please..
see “thunk 1
Standard is only one form of English among many. Those who have joined the grammar police are often simply wrong, when they attempt to correct others according to rules of standard English, when the vernacular being written or spoken is not standard.
Of course errors exist, and I do try to avoid them: The “its it’s”
thing for instance. If I slip its an error, if it’s not just me
jerking somebody’s chain.
I have speculated, what would I do if I were teaching English to students who spoke a form other than standard? Perhaps, teach standard and also encourage creative writing in the language they speak; there is a difference, but neither is in any absolute sense wrong. The notion that standard is in some absolute sense right is unkind, bigoted, and not logical.


One thought on “Language?”

  1. me brain hurt…..standards flex & flux…language is power…in evolution ever…
    but the “they” thing just confuses me, multipersona chaos? it all confusing enough.

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