People have noticed that I use swear words. I like the strong emphasis, for fuck sake, and the fact that profanity sometimes carries an intimation of complexity, a “there is MUCH more to it” coloring. Well, for me, anyway.

Profanity derives oomph from the no-no factor, and limited usage. It would be unfortunate if, because of people like me who swear our arses off, a swear word came to mean only “mild emphasis”.

The swearing/women thing is complex. Speaking forcefully and/or expressing anger has been one of the many “ladies don’t” pieces of crap. Also, exclusion and group identity: Men and boys might at least sometimes be us-and-not-them group cohering and identifying, when they use swear words in males-only talk. Also again, many people like to live within the ornate frame of custom. And then, I consider a family that the father is in the habit of beating the crap out of. Daddy begins swearing, they would be terrified because he is working up to the hitting.  (I hope he doesn’t get away with it.) I remind myself that custom and teaching are not the only reasons that some people dislike swear words.

The threat in profanity depends on the individual swearer. When I swear there is no threat.

The use of “fuck” as a swear word is odd. Partly, I assume, its force would derive from its no-no status. Also, I assume there is a sad connection to rape and sexual abuse. So, I prefer a made-up explanation: There was a BC Ferries disaster in 2006.The Queen of the North sank after hitting rock near Gil Island in Wright Sound. It was widely – and possibly untruthfully – rumored, at the time, that the officers on the bridge were having sex.. One might say of that story that the fucking crew let the boat run aground.

Apropos “god damn”, uh, which ?god? I could imagine Ganesh damning the ivory trade… sorry.

One thought on “FFS”

  1. I do love to swear! It is a good release of pent up frustrations, god damn it! I have heard that there are scientists, like professionals ya know, who say that swearing is good for our emotional health. I agree! Fuck yeah! I have also heard that one origin story of FUCK is from waaaaay back in ancient times when the King had all the power. Well, couples had to get consent to have sex, and when they got the consent they hung a sign outside their door: F (fornication) U(under) C(consent) K(of the King)……lolololol!!!!!!

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