Leaving aside the question of belief, god - or other factors that we may or may not believe in - is a way of expressing experience. The experience is valid AS EXPERIENCE, whether or not we believe in the terms used to express it.

For instance:

In 1992, I visited the site of the concentration camp at Dachau. The place is a hole in the love of god. I am an agnostic. The existence of god is irrelevant to the validity of the statement. (A believer might argue that the love of god does not have holes. The statement remains valid, describing my experience.) During the same trip, I visited the cathedral at Chartres. A sacred place. Again, I am talking experience, not belief. (A believer might suspect that my experience was not entirely subjective.)

Whether or not god, sacredness, etc exist in any objective sense, statements about such things can be respected as expressions of human experience.